5 weight management tips

September 12, 2022
bLOG / 5 weight management tips

Managing your weight is not only for looking good, it’s for feeling good and experiencing better health and well-being. It’s about improving your quality of life.

That’s the shift in mindset you need to be making. Try to shy away from traditional diet plans for weight-loss, and begin eating as a lifestyle. This means eating to satisfy your hunger, eating for improving your health, and of course, eating for pleasure. 

By making healthy eating a lifestyle, you’ll be able to manage your weight much easier and with more confidence. Weight management comes with many benefits. You’ll feel lighter, reduce strain on your joints, be able to move around at ease and look good too, which can improve your mental well-being. You’ll feel more confident, have a higher self-esteem, and feel energized and joyful. Your physical health will improve your mental health, and your mental health will improve your emotional health. Everything is connected!

So, how can you manage your weight? Here are 5 tips you can follow to cut back on calories:

  1. Mindful eating. It’s important to know how to eat mindfully, because after all, mindful eating is healthy eating. Eat slow. Chew more. Pay attention to the amount of food you consume. Be mindful as to the quality of food you put into your body. There’s so much under the umbrella of how to eat mindfully, but these are really important ones to implement. 
  1. Take baby steps. Try not to restrict too much on calories, and avoid cutting out all the foods you enjoy at once. This will lead you to relapse. Break up your big goal into smaller milestones, and focus on one milestone at a time. Doing so won’t make your goal-achieving journey a tedious and discouraging one. 
  1. Remove problem foods. Do you have sweets and chips laying around your house? Is your fridge filled with unhealthy food? It’s only when you have problem (unhealthy) foods accessible in your house, apartment or office will you start to eat them, because subconsciously you know they’re available. By simply removing problem foods from your environment, you’ll start to eat healthier because you know it’s not available. This is a simple and easy step which only YOU have the decision to make, and you definitely have the power to make that decision! Out of sight, out of mind! 
  1. Track your progress. Whether you like to use a food diary, or use a mobile app to track your progress, tracking can be such a powerful tool when it comes to weight management. By tracking your food and exercise, you’ll start to be more accountable. Not only that, but it will start making you more aware of what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and even when you’re eating. It’ll also make you understand how hard you are exercising, which can help you make better exercise and food decisions. 
  1. Practice self-compassion. If you ‘cheat’ or overeat, don’t punish yourself. Don’t exercise twice as hard the next day, or fast all day as a way to compensate. It’s important to find balance, and part of achieving that is to practice self-compassion. Nutritionists, health coaches and psychologists all believe self-compassion to be extremely important when making a lifestyle change, including weight management. 

Remember, it’s the quality of life and the lifestyle that you are chasing. Managing your weight can help you be your best and healthiest self, which in turn will allow you to lead a positive, fulfilling and joyful life. 

Whether you implement these tips on your own, or work with a nutritionist/dietitian, or health coach, take action today to work towards achieving your own personal greatness. There’s no better time than now!

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