4 habit stacking tips for weight loss

September 16, 2022
bLOG / 4 habit stacking tips for weight loss

Creating healthy habits can be extremely difficult and it doesn’t happen overnight. But habit-building is such an important part of living a healthy lifestyle consistently and seeing long-term changes to your health. 

One of the best ways to change your habits is through habit stacking. Habit stacking is all about pairing or ‘stacking’ a new habit you want to develop with an already existing behavior that your brain knows really well. It’s about building new habits on top of already existing habits. 

Similar to building new habits, weight loss is also difficult and takes time and effort. The problem with weight loss is that many people like to take the easy way out and are looking for quick results. Taking this approach to losing weight will not keep your weight off for the long-haul. Your weight will keep haunting you back. However, with habit stacking, you can create a sustainable approach to weight loss and be able to maintain it for a long period of time and live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 4 habit stacking tips for weight loss:

1. When you finish eating lunch, eat a piece of fruit.

Many people crave something sweet after lunch. This can hinder your ability to lose weight while also making the habit of eating dessert after lunch indeed... a habit. So rather than eating dessert, eat a piece of fruit after lunch. Not only does it satisfy your sweet craving, but it also increases your fiber intake which can help you stay full for longer, reduce your calorie intake and help you lose weight the right way.

2. While you put food on your plate, portion control and log your meal. 

When putting food on your plate, fill half the plate with vegetables, a quarter of the plate with protein and a quarter of the plate with carbs. Portion control and adding foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients will help you lose weight successfully. Take this time to log your meals in the Believe Nutrition app to help you portion control and track your intake. 

3. After you come home from work, put on your gym clothes.

As soon as you come back home from work, change into your workout clothes and aim to do some sort of physical activity you enjoy. Rather than turning on Netflix, prioritize exercise to add in your daily movement of the day. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Exercising will help you with the calorie burn side of the equation!

4. On your lunch break, go for a walk.

Rather than spending the whole 60 minutes eating lunch, spend 30-40 minutes eating, and the remaining 20-30 minutes walking. Perhaps you can spend the last 10-15 minutes walking. It’s up to you. But try to habit stack physical movement with your lunch break. Small changes like this make a huge difference.

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