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Hi, we’re kayam.

We’re a mindful eating and habit building app to help
you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.
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Our Mission

We’re committed to help you live a healthy, happy and more confident life.

At kayam, our mission is to help you live a healthy lifestyle through daily acts of mindful food choices that feel empowering. By helping you eat more mindfully and build better eating habits,we believe we can help you make better food choices on a daily basis so that you can live healthy, feel great and look fantastic.

We want to empower you to take control of your health forever.

Through a combination of personalized nutrition coaching (from humans, not robots!), our unique science-based method for building better habits and technology, our app has helped people like you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, for good.

Meet your kayam nutritionist

At kayam, we are licensed nutritionists and dietitians empowering you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. We believe in a holistic approach to nutrition and understand that a healthy lifestyle is more than just a good diet and regular exercise. It’s about developing good eating habits and behaviors which help you see long-term changes to your health and wellbeing.

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Meet our Founder

Our Story

Hi! It’s Faisal Alshawa here, the founder of kayam. I launched Kayam in 2022, but my vision was seeded many years earlier. Growing up as a boy in Kuwait, playing football in my basement, didn’t prepare me for the shock of seeing joggers running at 6am one Friday morning around my university campus in the US. I had just come from a culture that at the time, wasn’t very health conscious. ‘What are they doing?’ I wondered, and ‘who would do that?’ I was completely alone in a foreign university, studying economics and immersed in an unfamiliar culture, entirely outside of my comfort zone. The runners looked so alive. I wanted to feel like them. So I started to change my unhealthy eating habits and dusted off my running shoes. It was hard at first. But I made a pledge to myself: get comfortable with the uncomfortable. My training increased. I felt motivated, so much so that I changed career pathways.

It was hard at first. But I made a pledge to myself: get comfortable with the uncomfortable. My training increased. I felt motivated, so much so that I changed career pathways. I graduated from the University of Maryland as an Economics and Kinesiology major and then went on to the UK to attain a Masters degree in Sports and Exercise Science from Loughborough University . After that, I achieved my ultimate dream: working in football. I moved to Qatar in 2014 to work as the dedicated sports nutritionist for the u23 Qatar National Olympic Football teams. 

Professional, world-class athletes apply discipline, passion and commitment. The expertise I’ve mastered from working with them forms the basis of how Kayam helps people transform their exhaustion to vitality. I know what it takes to make real, lasting change. In a field overloaded with health information, I’m passionate about evidence-based science. I don’t follow trends or fad diets, nor do I preach them. Because holistic health focuses on the mind, body and spirit, it never can be a one-size-fits-all. Health is individual - starting with your habits and behavior first.

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