Lose weight
without dieting

Work with your personal nutritionist and lose weight through mindful eating and building better eating habits. It's easy, non-judgemental and flexible!

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Making the right food choices
all the time is hard, we know

You are frustrated by dieting, calorie counting, and meal plans.

Dieting, calorie counting and meal plans make you feel frustrated because they don't work!

Confused for not knowing what to eat or what's best for your body

You’re confused because you don’t know what to eat and what’s best for your body.

your hectic way of life and constant stress.

You struggle to eat well consistently because of your busy and stressful lifestyle.

judgmental people make you feel bad about what you eat

People keep judging you and making you feel ashamed of what you eat.

But with us, we'll make it easy for you

Your own nutritionist

You’ll have a personal nutritionist by your side (a human, not a robot!) giving you personalized support, feedback and recommendations when and where you need it.

your own nutrition coach is always there to assist you .
Our mindful eating coach app can help you eat more mindfully and develop better eating habits.


We’ll help you eat more mindfully and build better eating habits with our unique science-based approach. By making small and simple changes, you'll build healthy habits which last forever.

Advice when you need it

Our kayam app makes food tracking, habit tracking and getting
daily advice from your online personal nutritionist easy.

Your online personal nutrition coach provides you with daily advice, as well as food and habit tracking.
Our mindful eating app will assist you in making better food choices that are appropriate for your lifestyle.

We understand you

We'll help you make better food choices that fit your lifestyle, because we understand your needs, goals and lifestyle.

Helping you make better choices that fit your lifestyle, because we understand you.

Join hundreds of people like you to live a healthy, happy and more confident life

Online Personal Nutrition Testimonial
"I learned how to eat healthy without restricting myself. I learned to manage and understand my habits in order to feel happier with my body and not constantly feel guilty."
- Habib, 8 kgs lost
Kayam - Testimonials
My mindset changed about food. I'm more mindful about what I eat and feel more comfortable and confident in making the right food choices. This changed my lifestyle and wasn't just a 3 month program for me!
- Jana, lost 8kgs
I started understanding food habits and details about nutrition that I didn't know about! Daily feedback and accessibility gives me new ideas daily on how to be better."
- Aya, lost 10kgs

You can finally lose weight, feel healthy and look good...without dieting!

Track your food - Kayam

Food Photos

Simply take photos of what you eat and let Kayam take care of the rest. It's that easy!

Build better habits - Kayam

Track your habits

Build better food habits with
our tracker effortlessly.

Get Support - Kayam

Get support

Get real human support from our qualified nutritionists, on-demand.

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